SPEKTOR 2: Pure pleasure

Stereolife.pl, a Polish hi-fi website, has fallen in love with the compact SPEKTOR 2. The reason is simple… “Hygge”.

The reviewer from Stereolife.pl has always had a preference for comfortable and well-balanced sound that creates that certain feeling. And this is exactly what he gets in the SPEKTOR 2. “Listen to the vocals, and you feel like you´re clutching hands with an old friend. Listening to the sound is like sitting in your favorite chair reading a book with a cup of tea.”

Review summary
The SPEKTOR 2 is outstanding with nothing to distract or assault the listener. They simply play very well. Take a listen to them and you can feel how you let yourself get melted into the sound, and that feeling it creates. In Denmark “hygge” has always been an important part of the Danish way of living. It is a way to describe the feeling of happiness, warmth and comfort. The mood when we are around friends, enjoying great food and wine. The mood when you relax from the everyday hustle. You just dig into that special musical track and enjoy. If speakers can be characterized as “hygge”, the SPEKTOR 2’s definitely are all this combined in a speaker setup. There is great balance, cohesion, outstanding musicality and simply pure pleasure.

Read the full review here (in Polish).