DALI ZENSOR 5 AX: Surprising and impressive

Lyd & Billede has tested the ZENSOR 5 AX, which surprises them positively.

After testing the DALI ZENSOR 5 AX, the Danish hi-fi magazine, Lyd & Billede, is positively surprised of size of the sound image. “The scene stretches well out on both sides of the speakers, and there is a good feeling of height too, which is impressive at this prize point.” They elaborate, that all tones are covered well but the treble is the most impressing thing with its amount of details and resolution. On top of that these active loudspeakers are also WAF friendly as they, in the reviewer’s words, are “narrow, discreet and of modest height.” They may take up space but instead you avoid the amplifier taking up space as it is built in to the speaker, he points out.

With the ZENSOR 5 AX you get a descent and very inexpensive system. “The sound image is pleasant and easy to like. The base is deep and powerful and the treble is clear and distinct,” he says. And he thinks that it just gets better if you exchange the Bluetooth connection with a cable connection and an external DAC.

Lyd & Billede’s verdict of the ZENSOR 5 AX is that it “is a well constructed loudspeaker at a price point that makes it inexpensive getting in to wireless hi-fi. It does everything right – and it does most of it quite impressively.” It can fill a medium sized living room without losing its breath. And “the fact that it is so pretty to look at and blends in to the living room is an extra plus,” the reviewer concludes.  

The full review is available in Danish at LydogBillede.dk.