The ZENSOR 1 AX sound surprises Rateyoursound after reviewing it. “Better sound than you thought possible,” they say.

According to the reviewer from the High-End Audio site, Rateyoursound, the active loudspeaker “combines good sound quality and surprising amount of flexibility in a small well-made, good-looking package.” He highlights features such as the traditional speaker design, the subwoofer output and the design efficiency. The ZENSOR 1 AX “doesn’t have a lot of inputs […], but it has the inputs and controls you really need. This makes it simple to hook up and simple to use,” the reviewer elaborates.

Also the sound is highlighted. The verdict of it is that it “is clear, non-distorted and quite accurate. Even though they can’t make as much bass as some larger models, they have a very flat frequency response, and sound clean and clear.”

The active bookshelf speaker receives five stars by Rateyoursound.

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