OPTICON 8: Convinces in all musically important criteria

You should know how good these speakers sound

The German hi-fi magazine, Stereo, has tested the OPTICON 8, which leaves them impressed. “You should know how good these speakers sound,” they say.

“With ever more wonderful voice of Lyn Stanley, “Makin’ Woopee” sounded exceptionally real,” they explain. “It was delivered with just the right amount of charm and warmth, without appearing sugary,” they continue.

Also the voice reproduction is praised and according to Stereo “voice reproduction, whether male or female vocals or even a whole choir, is a major strength of this loudspeaker, while the airiness with which sound reproduction is represented is another revelation.” And they add that “this design may at first seem hefty and even a bit plain, but the light-footed breeziness of its sound is an entirely different matter.”  

In Stereo’s view, the OPTICON matches its competitors: “The OPTICON 8 has no need to admit defeat when lined up against competitors ranging up to a good €3500,” they state. And they continue by concluding that “While it was noticeable during comparative listening, e.g. with ZZ Top’s “La Grange,” that the bass is never thickened, and may almost be considered a little reserved, I can assure you that the fun of rock and pop music is not neglected.”

The OPTICON 8 receives five stars because “this loudspeaker convinces in all musically important criteria.”  

Read the full review in Stereo Magazine, Issue 15 here (pp. 36-37).