CALLISTO 6 C: Sounds good and looks good

Alpha-Audio was struck by the DALI CALLISTO 6 C’s dynamics and control after testing the wireless speaker system.

The Dutch hi-fi site, has tested the DALI CALLISTO 6 C, and according to them “dynamics and control are striking.” They elaborate: “This is mainly due to the active control and the advantage that they are precisely matched to the units.” As they say, it is the big advantage of an active system.

Furthermore, they are impressed by how easy the CALLISTO 6 C is to place. “Of course the CALLISTO 6 sounds good if you place it perfectly in an acoustically good room. But the set still sounds nice, even if it is not perfectly placed,” they explain. And they emphasize that this is a point where the CALLISTO wireless speaker system wins over many other systems.

Their verdict is that “we can safely call DALI’s first attempt with a wireless, active system a success. CALLISTO looks good and sounds good.” And they add that it is so easy to install that even a child can do it. “We think that many enthusiasts will be happy with this system,” they conclude.

Read the full review in Dutch here.