DALI KATCH: "Astonishing detail and clarity"

Online review website Expert Reviews are so impressed with the DALI KATCH they rate it 5 stars! “Nothing else quite brings the music alive in the same way as the remarkable Dali Katch”

Online review website Expert Reviews take a look and listen to the DALI KATCH and are so impressed they rate it five out of five stars! The reviewer, Jonathan Bray, explores the KATCH's appearance, capabilities, features and most importantly, sound.  

Taking a look at the KATCH's appearance, the reviewer names it “an extraordinarily good-looking speaker". Admiring the KATCH, he continues: "...its subtly curved grilles perforated with arrays of tessellated triangles and its subtle, metallic paint job set off handsomely by gleaming, chamfered edges.” They are impressed with the Dark Shadow finish which is used for the review. 

Praising the sound of the KATCH, he states: "It’s capable of producing a hugely powerful performance and one that, at the same time, is incredibly agile." Playing around with the placement of the KATCH, the reviewer praises its versatility: "...it doesn’t matter where you put it, either [...] this is a speaker that sounds as good from behind as it does from the front."

Finishing the review with the verdict, the reviewer claims: "It’s the best-sounding, best-looking portable Bluetooth speaker on the market today and deserves all the plaudits it gets.”

You can find the full review from Expert Reviews, here

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