The SPEKTOR 2s feature in a What Hi-Fi? group test, and come out on top!

The DALI SPEKTOR 2 features in a group test in August's issue of What Hi-Fi? Magazine. The group test showcases some of the best affordable stand-mounted speakers on the market, and the SPEKTOR 2 not only receives a great review, they also win the group test! "When you have a cache of talent that rivals view with envy, winning comes naturally"

What Hi-Fi? are extremely impressed by the SPEKTOR 2, which is also reflected by the five stars they awarded the SPEKTORs in their previous review. Whilst listening to Aretha Franklin's Natural Woman the reviewer is impressed: “We like the cohesive way these speakers handle the instrumental backdrop too, delivering the music with considerable finesse and precision.”

Comparing against its rivals, the reviewer praises the SPEKTOR 2s: “... these Dalis offer a degree of entertainment even these talented performers struggle to match.”

The SPEKTORs come out on top and win the group test, finishing with the final verdict: “The Spektor 2s are excellent speakers, combining Dali’s strengths with a generous dose of entertainment.”

You can find the full group test in August's issue of What Hi-Fi? Magazine.