Modern Hifi has had its hands on the DALI OBERON 3, which impresses them.

After testing the DALI OBERON 3, the German hi-fi site, Modern Hifi finds find the speakers to be neither boring nor sober. However, they still find themselves dragged into the music. “The DALI OBERON 3 demonstrates speed and dynamics with an open treble, crisp bass and a round stereo image,” they say.

They explain how the OBERON 3 delivers a tight, full bass with a good punch, but it is not the only thing they emphasise in the review.  They are also impressed by the treble. “The treble range is open and neutral and provides a lot of fine dynamics, which I rarely find in many speakers at this price point and in this size,” they explain. And they elaborate: “Whether it is strings, pianos or percussion cymbals, the loudspeakers breathe new life into instruments that are rich in overtones.”

They also highlight the soundstage of the DALI OBERON 3. According to Modern Hifi, the graduation of the instruments is well differentiated in the depth, while the speakers build a beautiful overall picture up in the width. Furthermore, they emphasise that the speakers remains sound-stable even at higher volume levels.

“The OBERON 3 is not only suitable as a stereo set, but should also provide a lot of joy as a back speaker in a surround system,” they explain. “Movie soundtracks sound wonderfully balanced, and in scenes where high-end bass is required, the loudspeakers come with attack, fast response and realistic sound,” they continue.

The conclusion of the test is that “the OBERON 3 offers a clear an uncomplicated sound, which does not try to copy the volume of larger tower speaker, but convinces with a tight and full upper bass and plays openly in the treble.”

Read the full review in German here.