CALLISTO 2 C: Big, warm and inviting sound

The DALI CALLISTO 2 C merits a solid recommendation and a Reviewers’ Choice award, Soundstage! Simplifi says after testing the wireless speaker system.

The hi-fi site, Soundstage! Simplifi believes that both the domestic and sonic advantages of active loudspeakers are obvious, because “with active speakers, maps and drivers can be optimised for each other.”

After testing the CALLISTO 2 C, Soundstage! Simplifi describes the CALLISTO 2 C as a smooth loudspeaker with “a rich, warm sonic signature.”

 “You might expect a two-tweeter design to sound a little hot, but that was definitely not the case with CALLISTO 2 C. This system produces some of the silkiest highs I’ve ever heard,” they elaborate and continue: “highs, mids and lows were wonderfully integrated.”

The wireless speaker system is also praised for being forgiving and easy to listen to. Furthermore, they find that “this system had great dynamics, and could play really loud without distress,” and that the speakers “imaged superbly. In my living room, the CALLSITO 2 C produced a big, deep, soundstage, with very good image specificity.” They were also struck by the organic and tactile quality while listening to the system. “This system sounded really good at modest volume levels,” they say.

Their conclusion is that “the fact that DALI’s CALLISTO 2 C active speaker holds its own against a highly regarded competitor costing about $2000 more is awfully impressive.” And they add: “If you’re looking for a thoroughly modern active speaker system, and gravitate to sound that’s big, warm, and inviting, the CALLISTO 2 C system deserves serious consideration. It merits a solid recommendation and a Reviewers’ Choice award.”       

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