Audiofi.net has tested the OBERON 3, which was more than expected at this price point.

The Malaysian hi-fi site, Audiofi.net has tested the OBERON 3. According to them it delivers clarity and wide soundstage. The reviewer’s playlist “had more pizzazz and bite” than his own speakers, which “made the listening experience refreshing and exciting.”

“There were several occasions where the OBERON 3 delivered a very palpable experience – something I really did not expect to hear from stand-mount speakers at this price point,” the reviewer says. He elaborates by telling how the OBERON 3 renders Kurt Elling’s baritone voice in a silky manner on Lee Ritenour’s ‘River Man’. And he explains that ‘Songs From The Big Chair’ by Tears for Fears and ‘Rapture’ by Anita Baker were a joy to listen to as the OBERON 3 offered a “lifelike and authoritative rendition of the tracks.”

The reviewer also highlights that you hear percussions, synthesizers, bass notes and vocals distinctly while they are woven nicely together at the same time.

The conclusion is that “the OBERON 3 is an excellent all-rounder, which performs way above its price point.” And they add that “the DALI OBERON 3 deserves to be in your shortlist if you’re in the market for an engaging stand-mount speaker that is as musical as it is easy to use.”

Read the full review in English here.