ON-Mag has tested the DALI OBERON 5, and they are not surprised that it has already received a WHAT HI-FI? award.

The French hi-fi site ON-Mag is impressed with the DALI OBERON 5 after testing it. They love the design and praises the style, which they call modern, fresh and simple.

When it comes to the sound, they are “first and foremost impressed with the size and power of the bass even at a moderate volume.” And despite of their small and discreet stature, the bass is very authoritative.

“The sound image feels very positive and develops in width and depth,” they say and add that “whether it is a small room or a large living room it fills the space very convincingly.”

According to ON-Mag “these speakers are not quite neutral. They are adding to top and the bottom of the spectrum. However, the midrange and especially the restitution of voices do not drown. The air remains dynamic, airy and clean. And when wanted, the OBERON 5 speakers demonstrate that they have a good handling of power, but theyare also pleasing to listen to at medium or low volume.”            

ON-Mag’s conclusion is that these speakers are “comfortable with all types of music” and they “offer an excellent level of performance, a dynamic and beautiful distinction as well as a flawless construction quality and a particularly attractive design.”

Read the entire review in French here.