CALLISTO 6C & SOUND HUB: Premium sound and wireless convenience

The CALLISTO 6C & SOUND HUB receive a great review from What Hi-Fi?

The first CALLISTO review from What Hi-Fi? has landed! The CALLISTO 6C & SOUND HUB receive a great four star review, the system is praised for its premium sound and wireless convenience.  

What Hi-Fi? praise the convenience of the CALLISTO system: “For some, the Callisto 6 Cs plus a Bluesound-equipped Sound Hub could be all the hi-fi they will ever need. A traditional separates system has no chance of matching the neatness and lack of clutter of such a set-up.”

The reviewer is impressed whilst testing the CALLISTO with Orff’s Carmina Burana: “We play Orff’s Carmina Burana at high volume levels and are impressed by the control and composure on show, as well as the grip at low frequencies. Bass is delivered with precision, agility and texture."  

What Hi-Fi?'s final verdict: “If you want a performance close to that of premium separates but with reduced clutter, there are few other alternatives.”

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