OBERON 7: Bursting with charm

OBERON 7 charms the reviewer in the latest issue of Hi-Fi Choice magazine.

Hi-Fi Choice magazine test the OBERON 7 in their latest issue. The floorstanders receive a fantastic review along with five stars and a 'Hi-Fi Choice Recommended' status!

The OBERON 7s are praised for their enjoyable sound: “it’s immediately obvious this is an open sounding design with a subtly warm tone, smooth integration of drive units, lots of detail and a deep, articulate bass.”

Taking a listen to Steely Dan’s Home At Last, the reviewer is impressed by what they hear: "the speaker gives a large and fulsome sound that projects the stereo image well out of the box, pushing beyond the physical limitations of its cabinets with a decent amount of stage depth, too.” They continue: “Impressive stuff, but it’s the tonality that’s really special for a product at this price.”

The final verdict: “Talented budget floorstander with impressive big sound.”

The full review is available in January's issue of Hi-Fi Choice magazine.