OBERON 5: Entertaining, energetic and engaging

The OBERON 5 come out on top in the latest HiFi Choice group test.

The DALI OBERON 5 features in a group test in March's issue of Hi-Fi Choice Magazine. The group test takes a look at six impressive budget floorstanders. The reviewer is extremely impressed by the OBERONs, praising their entertaining and engaging sound. They not only receive a fantastic five-star review but also win the group test! 

From first sight, the reviewer is impressed by the size and finish of the OBERON 5s. They soon learn that their sound is as impressive as their apprearance: “The sense of enthusiasm, exuberance and fun is immediately apparent, and hooks you right into the moment like a Breaking Bad box set and quite simply refuses to let go.”

Listening to Lizz Wrights interpretation of Nina Simone’s I’m Never Tired of Loving You the reviewer is impressed with what they hear: "its realistic handling of the double bass is as good as any here and remarkable for the speaker’s size.”  The 5s are also praised for the way they work well with different music genres: “Perhaps the most likable thing about the Oberon 5 is the way is responds to whatever you play."

The overall verdict: “Something of a pint-sized gem –fun and fabulous”

You can find the full group test in March's issue of Hi-Fi Choice magazine.