OBERON 5 5.1: Clever Performers

Five stars have been awarded to the OBERON 5 5.1 pack in What Hi-Fi?'s latest review!

What Hi-Fi? test the OBERON 5 5.1 package in their latest review and are so impressed they award the system with 5 stars! The OBERON 5 5.1 speaker package consists of the award-winning OBERON 5, OBERON 1 as the rear speakers, OBERON VOKAL as the centre speaker and the DALI SUB E-9 F.

What Hi-Fi? are stunned by the system's stylish and compact appearance, excellent sound performance and expressive dynamics.

The reviewer comments on how the OBERON system performs the job admirably during an action scene in Deadpool: “like the rest of the moving action, we’re never aware of the sound passing from speaker to speaker but more through the space around us which is exactly how home cinema should be.”

Moving on to a dialogue scene with main character Wade Wilson, What Hi-Fi? are once again impressed: "we’re blown away by the way the Dalis convey the character in his voice. The dynamics and detail from the centre speaker give a fabulous sense of the roughness of his timbre.”

Their overall verdict: "Full, honest and warm - these clever performers will make the best out of any home cinema soundtrack"

You can find the full review on What Hi-Fi?'s website, here.