DALI IO-6 tested by AV2D

"Whatever I listen to with the DALI IO-6, it never disappoints me." - says Edouard Hendrix from the Belgian magazine AV2D.

"The Dali IO-6 passes all tests without flinching." - that is a statement from Edouard Hendrix from the Belgian magazine, AV2D, after testing the DALI IO-6.

He praises the IO-6 for its bass and excellent sound quality saying:

"With their first headphones, DALI has perfectly achieved its mission to combine the sound quality of a high-end headphone with the ease of use of a wireless headphone. The DALI IO definitely offers the musicality we are used to with the brand's speakers. The DALI delivers serious but tense bass, quite the opposite of the 'boom boom' that characterizes too many headphones flooding the market. With its excellent sound quality, very good wearing comfort, long battery life and good value for money, the DALI IO is your ideal musical partner."

You can read the full review (in French) on AV2D.fr

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