Reluctant to make cut-outs in the wall? With the DALI PHANTOM OW frames, the DALI PHANTOM S-Series, can also be used as an on-wall solution.

A series of three models, made to fit the DALI PHANTOM S-218, PHANTOM S-180 and the PHANTOM S-80. The new on-wall frames can be mounted on any type of wall and fitting the PHANTOM S speakers into these is done in just a few steps. The on-wall frames can be positioned into standard Left/Right mode (vertical) or in vocal mode (horizontal) having inlets for wiring in all frame sides. They come in a white finish that easily fits into any room.

It is possible to make some finer adjustments to set the position of your DALI PHANTOM S loudspeaker within the frame, which will ensure a perfect geometrical fit.


Productserie ACCESSORIES
Aanbevolen Plaatsing Op de Muur
Gewicht [kg] PHANTOM S-280 = 10,4 kg | PHANTOM S-180 = 6,5 kg | PHANTOM S-80 = 4,9 kg