DALI KATCH: Review by Trusted Reviews (UK)

Trusted Reviews has tested the DALI KATCH, which they call a stunning portable proposition.

According to Trusted Reviews the DALI KATCH “is a dazzling performer. Not just for a Bluetooth speaker but for any type of speaker,” they say. And they continue: “It offers the sort of muscular, multi-layered sound that really has no place coming from such a slim cabinet.”

They notice how loud the DALI KATCH can play and how capable it is, which clearly impresses them. “[…] when you play tracks with big drum beats and epic guitar riffs, KATCH gives them scale and authority. Its dynamics and rhythmic savvy are remarkable […]” they explain and they elaborate: “DALI’s drivers might not have much room to manoeuvre, but they can certainly move air. There’s plenty of bass, which thumbs forth with tremendous heft, while the bold mid-range adds body to voices and instruments.”

Trusted Reviews’ verdict of the DALI KATCH is that “I haven’t heard many better performers than the DALI KATCH. Its ability to produce a powerful, detailed and composed sound from a slender cabinet is nothing short of miraculous, while lengthy battery life, suave design and fuss-free operation further justify the price tag.”

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