The Premium Spike Set is adjustable to fit a wide range of DALI speakers, and is included as standard with the floorstanding CALLISTO 6 C. The spikes are easily applied by mounting them in the threaded bottom inserts of the speaker base.

The spike set is compatible with these floorstanding models:

  • CALLISTO 6 C + 2 C
  • RUBICON 5 + 6 + 8
  • OPTICON 5 + 6 MK1
  • OPTICON 5 + 6 MK2

The Premium Spike Set provides several audio benefits. It tightens the bass (without the floor singing along), which emphasizes details in the midrange and lets the treble stand out!

Using spikes is one of the cheapest and most effective upgrades you can make in a stereo system. 

The base of the spike set is made of aluminium and treated with a soft-touch, mat black silk coating. 

DALI Premium Spike Set specs

Product series ACCESSORIES
Recommended Placement Floor