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PHANTOM is the suffix for all built-in DALI speakers and related install accessories. If In-Wall/-Ceiling or On-Wall is your preferred speaker setup, DALI is able to cover almost any need you may have.

The DALI PHANTOM series is the natural choice when seeking a true Hi-FI install audio experience. These In-wall and In-Ceiling optimised series are built around many of the traditional speaker design virtues and based upon DALI’s low-loss technologies.


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The DALI PHANTOM S-280 in-wall speaker has been reviewed by Jaap Veenstra from Alpha Audio and he calls it "A worthy replacement for a large, high-End floorstanding speaker"

"The DALI Phantom 280S is truly a monstrous in-wall. The sound is complete, refined and dynamic. Making the Phantom extremely suitable for music, but also shines with films - It can transform like a Cameleon." 

Alpha Audio (NL)

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Premium finish and craftsmanship are some of the words used to describe the PHANTOM S 5.1 setup in the review by Home Cinema Choice.

The Phantoms are a remarkable innovation from DALI – in-wall enclosures that manage to sound as large, as dynamic and as well-defined in imaging terms as traditional models.

Home Cinema Choice (UK)

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Heimkino has taken a closer look at the PHANTOM S series, which impresses them.

"The DALI PHANTOM S Series reproduces an incomparable spatiality, silky-shining tones and gripping dynamics. Invisible high-end sound without compromise becomes reality by installing the PHANTOM S series - the reference in the In-Wall class!"

Heimkino (DE)

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The very thin magnetic front grilles integrates almost seamlessly into any home environment.


All speakers by DALI are designed around the principle of wide dispersion. This entails an off-axis optimisation of the audio reproduction. The technology is perfect for use in install speakers, since they are always mounted flush against either a wall or ceiling.


The mix of paper pulp and wood fibre makes the cones stiff and light which ensures that every micro detail in the signal is reproduced unfiltered.


The dogleg mounting system makes the install process an easy one-step action simply by tightning the dedicated screws to swing out the dogleg brackets.


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