The DALI Music Web Shop goes live

Our new official online DALI Music Web Shop has gone live. Here you can buy music related items such as our DALI CD's and LP.

On May 17 2016, the DALI Music Web Shop - the first official online store hosted by DALI - had its grand opening. 

We call it a 'Music Web Shop', as you will be able to buy music related items directly from DALI, which primarily will include our DALI CDs and our DALI LP.

At the opening, you can buy the DALI CD Vol. 3, the DALI CD Vol. 4, the DALI CD Vol. 4 - First Edition as well as our brand new DALI LP. In the long run we might also open up for music related merchandise.

The DALI LP is a limited edition – less than 2000 LPs will be up for sale so do not hesitate to check out the DALI Music Web Shop if you want a copy for your music collection. The DALI CD Vol. 3 and 4 - First Edition are also available in limited quantities.  

Find the DALI Music Web Shop at