BE THERE – Let's Talk Music

We are proudly presenting BE THERE - the new DALI magazine and podcast, which are all about music.

We are proudly presenting ‘BE THERE’, a new release by DALI, which consists of two parts – a music magazine and a music podcast, which both are launched under the name ‘BE THERE’.

The Magazine

The music magazine BE THERE is all about music – with a dash of product news. It will be released twice a year in a 60 page print edition that will be distributed to DALI partners as well as enthusiastic DALI customers.  

In the pilot issue of the magazine you can read interviews with people in the industry. You can also read about the musical and technical breakthroughs, which have had an impact on music and how we listen to it, and you can get a little closer to DALI and the people behind it.

BE THERE is edited by Andrew Harrison and the contributors is a series of music journalists.

The new DALI magazine is out now. Read more about it and find out how you can get a hold of your own copy here.

The Podcast

Each episode of the new BE THERE music podcast is based on the latest issue of the magazine and we will produce 4-6 podcast per magazine.

Host of the podcast is editor and podcast host Andrew Harrison, who is joined by music journalists, who are contributing to the BE THERE magazine. Together they discuss different music genres, albums and interviews from the magazine.

Read more about the podcast and listen to it here.