EPICON 2 - Small and exquisite

The norwegian magazine "Lyd & Bilde" has carried out a thorough test of the little brother of the EPICON series - the EPICON 2.

The EPICON 2 might be the little brother of the EPICON series, but nevertheless, it simply plays fantastic! The EPICON is praised for it's looks and amazing sound, and Lyd & Bilde also notices the specialdesigned stands to the EPICON 2.

It is an art for a loudspeaker to be able to play music at a low volume, and the EPICON 2 performance very well when it comes to this! The review states that a loudspeaker which can play at a low volume preserves the sparkle and the authenticity in the music.

All in all, the EPICON 2 is a very exquisite loudspeaker, both in terms of the sound and the visual look.

The full review is available at www.lydogbilde.no