OPTICON 6 5.1: Review by Trusted Reviews (UK)

Trusted Reviews is impressed by the OPTICON 6 5.1 system’s performance

Trusted Reviews has tested the DALI OPTION 6 5.1 system, which recently received an EISA award (read more here) and its performance impresses them.

The DALI OPTICON 6 5.1 system includes two OPTICON 6s, two OPTICON 2s, an OPTICON VOKAL and a SUB K-14F.

You can push the volume up high and the OPTICONs take it all in their stride, kicking out a big soundstage without a hint of stridency or distortion,” they say. And they elaborate: “[…] despite not using the hybrid tweeter, the OPTICON 2s chip in with luscious detail of their own, ensuring a rich and immersive surround field. They’re perfectly matched with the OPTICON 6 and VOKAL, resulting in a nigh-on holographic soundstage.

The positive tone continues: “It also musters the sort of chest-thumping power that makes action scenes an absolute blast. The immensely potent SUB K-14 F emits massive swathes of bass that puts your buildings insurance in jeopardy.” The DALI SUB K-14F is more focused on home theatre than other DALI SUBs and according to Trusted Reviews it shows as “there’s nothing polite or musical about its thunderous explosions and rib-rattling gunshots.”

According to Trusted Reviews “the sub does a great job on a smaller scale too, demonstrating superb subtlety and agility” and “the OPTICON VOKAL reproduces dialogue brilliantly. It’s clear, detailed and authoritative – you won’t miss a single word.

They also explain that if you switch to two-channel “the OPTICON 6s show off their musical chops with a lavish performance. Sweet treble adds air and space, while exceptional imaging and precise timing immerse you in the performance.”

Trusted Reviews’ verdict is that “DALI’s OPTICON system offers a sumptuous sonic performance and an elegant high-end design.


  • Immensely detailed and insightful
  • Powerful, seamlessly-blended bass
  • Lavish living room friendly design


  • Vinyl finish feels a bit plasticky
  • Expensive for mere mortals