DALI music releases

Up until now DALI has released 6 albums of high quality demo music that will make your speakers pop. Each album is printed in a limited amount of copies, and the early releases are already considered collector's items.

DALI and the music

The demand for DALI's albums has been massive throughout the years, and the discs have achieved status as collector’s items, mainly because they tell a good musical story, not just through the words and music, but also by virtue of the nerve and authenticity of the performances, allowing the listener to hear and feel the honest nuances of the artistry.

To learn more about DALI and the music, please visit our YouTube channel to view the short documentary made when we recorded the fifth DALI music compilation back in 2018. The video shares the story of DALI’s passion for music and our constant journey in celebration of great sound. This mission is a never-ending challenge, it seems. However, we have committed ourselves to continually strive to offer dynamic, authentic sound with nerve and personality by facilitating great, genuine recordings – in tribute to the performers and out of respect for music lovers around the world.

THE DALI albums

With the fifth CD released in 2018, the DALI musical project has already become a firmly rooted tradition among loyal DALI customers. We are often asked "When will the next volume be available?".