Wangel is a pop/electronic duo consisting of singer-songwriter Peter Wangel and producer Kasper Ejlerskov Leonhardt.

Wangel – Time to Eat (Peter Wangel/Kasper Leonhardt)

Musicians: Vocal: Peter Wangel, Drums: Kristoffer Tophoj, Instruments: Kasper Leonhardt
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Wangel is a collaboration between singer/songwriter Peter Wangel and producer Kasper Ejlerskov Leonhardt. In September 2017, they released their second album “Reasons”, exploring a pop/electronic universe built on Peter’s characteristic deep voice and Kasper’s celestial tone. Peter Wangel calls “Time to Eat” “our best song so far”. It strikes deep and high chords, expressing a kind of release.

It is a dynamic song that forces you to listen more intensely. “We wanted to take the song to a new space, make it more dynamic”. The original piano version featured heavy electronic drums and deep sub-bass. Producer Kasper Leonhardt arranged it for guitar, which added further nuances and a new sonic universe. The essence of the drums became a march rhythm. The arrangement was intended to be airy and simple, expressing the best of the pop and electro universes with the guitar and drums foundation recorded first. The guitar was recorded both via line and amplifier. The synthesizer part on a Nord Lead and synthesizer bass on an old Moog added just the right sound.

The extra “pling” you might hear in the guitar parts is a 12-string acoustic. The vocal was recorded last – almost in a single take.

Recorded in Medley Studios 4/5.12.17: Desk SSL9000j, BD Neumann U47, KICK Electro Voice RE-20, XTRA KICK U47 FET, SN Sennheiser 421, SN2 AKG C460 B, HH Bruel & Kjær 4011, TAM1 AKG 414 omni, TAM2 Neumann U87 omni, KIT SM57, OH Bruel & Kjær 4011 stereo, AMBIENCE Bruel & Kjær 4006 stereo, ACC Bruel & Kjær 4011, U89, VOCALS Neumann M49.
Mixing: Desk SSL9000j, Vocal: NTP 179-100, Tubetech C1, Pultec EQP-1A, dbx 900 deess. Master: Neve 33655, Pultec EQP-1A3 stereo pair.

An ambient track where we put in extra effort on the drum sound. We extended the kick with an extra kick drum to get that extra long sound. We also dubbed the drums with two extra kits with no bass drum, so we could widen the experience of the top end, making it very huge.