BE THERE - 'Pilot Edition'

Read the first edition of the DALI music magazine BE THERE, which dives into the world of music making. In this first edition, you can among others read interviews with upcoming as well as renowned producers.

BE THERE Magazine

In this Pilot edition of the BE THERE magazine, you can read a range of interviews with renowned as well as upcoming producers who have worked with some of the greatest in the industry. You can also see which ten breakthroughs changed the sound of sound itself, and get an idea of how the right equipment can change the experience of your favorite album. It is all about music - mixed with news about the latest products from DALI - but mainly music! 

The BE THERE music magazine will be released twice a year in an approximately 60 pages print edition, which will be distributed to our partners and loyal DALI customers. The magazine is edited by Andrew Harrison, who is also hosting the BE THERE podcast. He has previously been editor in the British magazines Q, Select and Mixmag.

If you want to know, what the magazine is all about, you can listen to the latest BE THERE podcast. You can also read more about the BE THERE magazine, or better yet grab a free copy of our printed magazine by signing up via the link below. We will then send you the latest print edition to your doorstep.

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