Podcast - Season 01, #01 (Pilot)

Listen to the pilot episode of the DALI music podcast 'BE THERE', which immerses into topics and articles from the DALI music magazine of the same name. In this first cast, we discuss five albums that changed the world and "visits" the legendary Toe Rag Studios in East London.

BE THERE Podcast (S01E01)

In this Pilot edition, special guest Andrew Male of Mojo Magazine talks us through five classic albums that changed recording forever, and journalist James Medd tells us how producer Liam Watson’s groundbreaking East London studio Toe Rag Studios brought rock’n’roll back to its roots.

Also joining this podcast is award-winning beer writer Pete Brown, who has listened to his favourite album - Treasure by The Cocteau Twins - on a pair of DALI CALLISTO 2 C speakers. Never has he heard it this way before, with the incredible clarity and natural sound reproduction of the DALI loudspeakers. 

Tidal playlist with songs discussed in the podcast

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