Podcast - Season 03, #01

Topics in this podcast: London’s new jazz explosion, Rediscovering REM’s "Fables Of The Reconstruction" and The best-produced track in music history. Our host Andrew Harrison is joined in the studio by Michael Hann and Kate Hutchinson.

BE THERE Podcast (S03E01)

In this podcast: The grime artists, ravers and young prodigies behind London’s  jazz explosion. Guardian journalist and world music DJ Kate Hutchinson takes us inside one of the planet’s most exciting new scenes. What’s it like when you hear your favourite album properly for the first time, through DALI speakers? For Financial Times and Spectator writer Michael Hann it’s REM’s ‘Fables Of The Reconstruction’. What will he discover? And our guests choose pop moments that make their hair stand on end.

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BE THERE WITH DALI is presented by Andrew Harrison with audio production by Alex Rees. It’s a Podmasters Production.

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