Hybrid Tweeter

One of DALI’s sound design trademarks is an extremely smooth and wide horizontal dispersion, which is supported by the Hybrid Tweeter module. Due to its obvious benefits, it has been used in most mid- and high range DALI speakers in years.

The layman version

By pairing a soft dome tweeter with a ribbon tweeter (hybrid tweeter), delivering a smooth and well-integrated sound for a wider listening position (wide dispersion). This ensures that DALI loudspeakers are easy to position in any room as both the direct and reflecting signals have the same high quality, when reaching your ears. The result is a consistent high sound quality across a much wider listening area.

The tech savvy version

One of DALI’s sound design trademarks is an extremely smooth and wide horizontal dispersion, which the Hybrid Tweeter module is designed to support. For this reason, it has been used for years in most mid- and highrange DALI speakers such as the EUPHONIA, HELICON, IKON MK2, IKON MK1 and MENTOR series.

Today the Hybrid Tweeter is used in series such as the EPICON, RUBICON, OPTICON MK2 and PHANTOM S. See the full list of loudspeakers that feature the Hybrid Tweeter at the bottom of this page.

RUBICON hybrid tweeter module

The Hybrid Tweeter consists of a soft dome tweeter and a ribbon tweeter and it allows us to get the best of both worlds in the quest for superior high frequency reproduction. Both tweeters are free of artifacts such as resonances and high Q peaks within their working range. And when working in unison, they form the ideal frequency solution. Together, they create an amazing rendering of the high frequencies as well as a dispersion of high frequency sounds that outperform other tweeter technologies. It starts working as low as 2.5 kHz and continues to perform well above 30 kHz.


Soft Dome Tweeter

The Soft Dome Tweeter is characterized by low resonance frequency, high power handling and exceptional headroom for high sound pressure levels as well as extreme excursions. It is designed to reach higher into the very high frequencies than the norm for a soft dome tweeter. Furthermore, it incorporates an ultra-thin magnetic fluid for cooling, which has very high flux saturation in order to achieve greater power handling. This induces a superb control of coil movement – even at very high sound pressure levels.

The dome material itself is very lightweight. It is actually so thin that the coating contributes significantly to the dome’s structural stiffness.

DALI OPTICON soft dome tweeter


Ribbon Tweeter

The Ribbon Tweeter is a true master of horizontal distribution of high frequencies and it is a superb partner for the Soft Dome.

The Ribbon Tweeter features a broad frequency band as well as an excellent dispersion in the higher frequencies. Furthermore, it is equipped with a rear chamber that is fitted with a rigid bracing, and it is, therefore, shielded from the disruptive influence of the woofers.

In the Hybrid Tweeter, the Ribbon Tweeter is a magneto static type of tweeter where four bands of conductive material make up the active diaphragm, which is controlled by a strong magnetic field formed around it.

 Ribbon tweeter


Why not using the dome or the ribbon alone?

A dome tweeter with a flat frequency response will not be flat when you are listening just slightly off axis. Some tweeters even start to drop off at an earlier stage. This entails that the listeners have to sit precisely on axis between the speakers in order to enjoy the full spectrum of the music. However, this is rarely how you sit in a common living room. So in order to make up for this DALI uses a ribbon tweeter, which inherently excellent when it comes to reproducing high frequencies – even at large axis angles.

On the other side, the ribbon tweeter is not used alone because the excursion is limited at low frequencies as it introduces distortion and seriously compromises dynamics and power handling.

The combination of the two in the Hybrid Tweeter module has several advantages:

  • Excellent off-axis frequency characteristics within the full frequency range
  • Better integration in common living rooms
  • Low distortion
  • Larger listening area where the full spectrum can be enjoyed


Wide dispersion

By designing our drivers for wide dispersion, we make our loudspeakers easy to integrate into any room as it delivers a smooth and well integrated sound for a wider listening position. In other words, the off-axis is optimized, which ensures that the listener has a sweet spot where the sound stage is perfect. It also ensures that the sound received when you move outside the sweet spot is still of a very high quality.

Optimization of the audio signal for off-axis distribution ensures that both the signal reaching your ear directly and the signal reflected off the room have the same high quality. This gives a consistent high quality of sound across a much wider listening area.

Thing is that when the dispersion is uniform over a wide range of listening angles, it ensures a smooth, uniform energy distribution within the listening room. And that is a crucial factor for a coherent and well balanced tonality.

Wide dispersion with a wider sweet spot


Full list of speakers ft. the Hybrid Tweeter