The DALI PHANTOM Backbox offers you the opportunity to improve and control the sound performance in the DALI PHANTOM E-60. The backbox helps preventing the sound from travelling from one room to another as well as protecting your in-ceiling speakers from insulation and high voltage wiring.

The zinc plated steel enclosure with bitumen damping, provides an ideal air load, both optimizing mid-range and bass performance as well as controlling the low frequencies from your PHANTOM E-60 speaker, while maintaining sonic consistency regardless of the interior, wall or attic size.

The DALI PHANTOM Backbox is in many ways unique:
- Front mounted for easy retrofit installations
- Equipped with “Daisy Chain” (parallel connection) for easy connection of a 2nd PHANTOM loudspeaker
- Fire proof steel rear box
- Earthquake Safety Hook
- Pre-drilled holes for safe and easy installation
- Connectors accept up to 14 AWG wire

DALI PHANTOM Backbox specs

Серия изделий PHANTOM
Размеры выреза (ØxD) мм 221 x 290
Монтажная глубина (ØxD) мм. 221 x 290
Масса (кг) 1.6