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Широкий угол рассеивания

Все колонки DALI сконструированы на основе принципа широкого угла рассеивания. Это подразумевает внеосевую оптимизацию подачи звукового сигнала. Подобная технология идеально подходит для инсталляционных громкоговорителей, поскольку они всегда монтируются заподлицо на стенах или потолке.


Одна из наших целей при разработке PHANTOM S & M – создать встраиваемые в стену High-End громкоговорители с малой глубиной для максимальной универсальности при монтаже. Нам удалось создать корпус глубиной всего лишь 100-103 мм, что подходит для большинства стандартных стен.


Визуальный облик громкоговорителей PHANTOM S & M формируется защитной сеткой на магнитах. Четкий, простой и современный дизайн ненавязчив и в то же время приятен для взора.

Традиционные технологии колонкостроения

Серия PHANTOM H служит естественным выбором для тех, кто хочет получить качественное звучание из инсталляционных акустических систем. Колонки PHANTOM H оснащены конусами из древесных волокон, а динамики помещены на классических панелях из ДСП, кроме того, расположение НЧ и ВЧ излучателей аналогично традиционным конструкциям.


The PHANTOM M series lets you enjoy a high quality audio performance from compact build-in speakers more than capable of filling a room - discreetly hidden away within your walls.

The PHANTOM M-375 features proven technology, decades of experience and many of the virtues from our reference PHANTOM S series. The PHANTOM M series presents a more compact appearance at a more affordable price point. 

The PHANTOM M-375 has been developed with multi-channel in mind and is equally suited for front, center or surround positioning. But as the speaker has to abide to DALI's long-standing sound design principles, it will also work perfectly in a traditional stereo setup - with or without a subwoofer.

The M series is 100% designed and engineered in-house - and manufactured at our own factory.


The PHANTOM M-375 utilizes three 7 inch wood fibre woofers - one active and two passive slaves. All three are designed with a quite "flat" cone geometry to increase the cabinet volume.

All the individual components in the PHANTOM M drivers are assembled in-house. They work in coherence to reproduce clean, detailed sound, with no colouration or unwanted distortion.

Every driver is configured to match the model they are destined for. This is done by optimising the bass drivers for long excursion, and the midrange driver for a large, useful frequency range, so roll-off is handled in the crossover and not in the driver.

This same type of optimisation is achieved for the entire range of woofers used in the M series.

The woofers make use of our patented SMC technology in the magnet system, which leads to a very low result of hysteresis and therefore minimal distortion.


The PHANTOM M-375 features the DALI trademark hybrid tweeter, which offers a ribbon tweeter paired with a dome tweeter.

The DALI ribbon tweeter is a true master in horizontal distribution of high frequencies and a superb partner for the soft dome tweeter’s unique ability to reproduce the lower part of the high frequencies.

The oversized 28 mm soft dome tweeter in the PHANTOM M-375 is manufactured in-house and built for maximum dynamics, great power handling and fantastic integration with midrange frequencies.

The soft dome diaphragm is based on an ultra-lightweight weave fabric. Compared to most soft dome tweeters in the market, the DALI dome material is less than half the weight (0.060 mg per mm2). The relatively large-sized diaphragm lets the tweeter generate a higher sound pressure level with less excursion, keeping the voice coil motion to a minimum.

The soft dome tweeter is additionally optimized for a larger bandwidth in its lower frequency area. This ensures the optimal handover from the mid-woofers to the tweeter, creating a well balanced, unforced and very coherent upper midrange.

If using the M-375 as center channel in a surround setup, the hybrid tweeter module should be unmounted (unscrewed) and turned 90 degrees counter-clockwise. This way the ribbon tweeter remains vertical to secure a horizontal wide dispersion.


Both the PHANTOM M-375 and PHANTOM M-250 feature the exact same size cabinet - including a shallow mounting depth of only 100 mm. This is extremely compact for a serious in-wall speaker. So in order to achieve maximum inner volume for low frequency reproduction, we decided on a cabinet made from glass-reinforced ABS material with overall superior structural strength. The twin bass ports release the pressure of the compact cabinet, resulting in a compelling spacious sound.

As both PHANTOM M models share the same cabinet size, you can wait until a later stage of the installation to decide between the two models.

The front baffle and the rim of the PHANTOM M-375 are lacquered matte black, and you will find no shiny details on the front. This allows for a seamless integration with any home cinema, as you don't want light from the projector reflecting back at you.

The slim bezels of the magnetic and fully paintable front grille allows for a non-intrusive application.


The use of SMC (Soft Magnetic Compound) has many advantages, but by introducing SMC into the area close to the magnet gap, the overarching result is a significant reduction of distortion from losses in the magnet motor.

SMC’s unique ability to deliver a high magnetic conductivity and a very low electrical conductivity, gives us all the desired qualities of a really good speaker magnet, without the traditional disadvantages.

When using iron-based magnets in speakers, the magnetisation and demagnetisation introduced by the shifting current directions does not happen at the same pace. The demagnetisation process is slower than the magnetisation. This phenomenon is called hysteresis, and is a known problem in almost all speaker magnet motor systems.

The problem with hysteresis is that it introduces an unintended resistance to the voice coil, resulting in unwanted distortion. The reason hysteresis occurs is that iron is not only magnetically conductive, but also very electrically conductive.

SMC on the other hand is very highly magnetically conductive, but has a very low electrical conductivity (approx. 1/10,000’s of iron). The result of using SMC is almost no hysteresis, and therefore no distortion.


Серия изделий PHANTOM
Частотный диапазон (+/-3 дБ) Гц 57 - 25,000
Чувствительность (2,83 V/1 m) [dB] 89.0
Номинальное сопротивление (Ом) 6
Максимальный уровень звукового давления (дБ) 107
Рекомендованная мощность усилителя (Вт) 30 - 180
Частота среза кроссовера 2,500 / 15,000
Гибридный ВЧ-модуль, свервысокочастотный динамик, кол-во 1 x 17 x 45 mm
Гибридный ВЧ-модуль, тип диафрагмы сверхвысокочастотного динамика Резиновый
Гибридный ВЧ-модуль, высокочастотный динамик, кол-во 1 x 28 mm
Гибридный ВЧ-модуль, тип диафрагмы высокочастотного динамика Купол из мягкого текстиля
Низкочастотный динамик. Количество 1 x 7"
Низкочастотный динамик. Тип диафрагмы Конус из древесного волокна
Низкочастотный пассивный динамик. Количество 2 x 7"
Низкочастотный пассивный динамик. Тип диафрагмы Конус из древесного волокна
Тип корпуса Vented Box (2 x bass ports)
Коммутационный вход Одножильный провод
Магнитное экранирование No
Рекомендованное месторасположение Центр/Звуковая панель
Встраиваемая в …
Настенная колонка
Габариты (ВхШхГ) мм 775 x 250 x 106
Размеры выреза (ВхШхГ) мм 751 x 226 x 100
Аксессуары в комплекте Руководство пользователя
Шестигранная бита-насадка (3 мм)
Масса (кг) 8.7

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