DALI MENTOR MENUET in Lyd & Bilde, Norway

An incredibly smart and diverse loudspeaker, Norwegian Lyd & Bilde baptize the MENTOR MENUETs.

DALI's MENTOR MENUETs are being tested along with a group of other speakers - and get the highest number of stars of them all.

The review states that the MENUETs are among the smallest compact loudspeakers still capable of presenting an out-and-out professional soundscape that they know of. A couple of quotes from the review - translated from Norwegian:

""Small loudspeaker sounding big" is a well-used concept in the hifi-world, but in the case of the MENTOR MENUET's, it's remarkably appropriate".

Lyd & Bilde conlude as follows: "That a small loudspeaker is capable of reproducing music that pure and nice is hard to believe!"

Visit the magazine's website here.

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