DALI KATCH: "A high quality compact and portable unit"

Australian audio magazine 'BestBuys Audio & AV' take a listen to the DALI KATCH.

Prior to their review, the Australian audio magazine 'BestBuys Audio & AV' wondered if the DALI KATCH could meet their expectations, as Bluetooth speakers in this price segment are often 'hot air'.

Review summary:

Already in the unpacking process, the reviewer from 'BestBuys Audio & AV' was impressed with the DALI KATCH. According to him, it is exceptionally well-built with a luxoriously-finished extruded aluminium body. And any colour you might choose will be classy and delicate in expression. He finds the KATCH something special. No matter the musical genre, the DALI KATCH treats the song beautifully. The verdict is clear: "The Katch is highly impressive in its presentation, both visually and sonically", and delivers "premium sound from a premium product".

Read the full review from 'BestBuys Audio & AV' here (in English).