The DALI KATCH ONE impresses What Hi-Fi? and receives five stars in their latest review!

What Hi-Fi? take a look at the new DALI KATCH ONE Soundbar in their latest review. The reviewer was impressed with its performance for both music and films and awarded the soundbar with five stars!

What Hi-Fi? praise the KATCH ONE's stylish design: "It’s oblong with rounded ends and it comes in a tastefully Scandinavian looking choice of Iron Black, Ivory White and Mountain White.”

The reviewer begins with Hollywood disaster movie 2012: "the sound from the Dali is suitably earth-shattering." They continue to be impressed with the KATCH ONE throughout the various scenes: "This speaker can go from the intense quiet of the President breaking the news to his fellow heads of state that the world is about to end, to the huge drum beats in the soundtrack as the action kicks in, all without breaking a sweat.”

Moving on to music, the reviewer listens to Let It Be by the Beatles: "There’s enough dynamically to get a sense of the individual voices of the backing choir at the beginning of the track. Likewise, there’s real character to the guitar solo."

Their overall verdict: “Great for music, even better for films, this tidy soundbar delivers all the sound your living room needs.”

The full review is available at whathifi.com