SPEKTOR 6: Group Test Winner

The SPEKTOR 6 comes out on top of its rivals in Hi-Fi Choice's latest group test.

The DALI SPEKTOR 6 comes face to face with its rivals in Hi-Fi Choice magazine's latest group test. Reviewer David Price takes on six of the best floorstanding loudspeakers between £400-£800. The SPEKTOR 6 comes out on top and wins the group test!!

David begins the SPEKTOR 6 review on a high note: “It proves so good that I spend too much time listening and not enough reviewing." He continues... "It combines finesse and musicality – an almost perfect mix of talents at this price.”

Moving on to the test: “the DALI has an insatiable appetite for rhythm." He continues to praise the SPEKTOR's impressive sound quality: "I really like the speaker’s tonality; it’s very natural and agreeable.”

The winning verdict: "It sounds big, confident and expansive yet is never overbearing or in your face, making it a worthy winner of a tight group.”

The group test is available in the March 2021 issue of Hi-Fi Choice magazine.