Be There - Music Podcast

'BE THERE' is a new monthly series of music podcasts from DALI. Each episode of the podcast will discuss the latest music articles and interviews from the biannual DALI music magazine of the same name ('BE THERE').

BE THERE Podcast

Music is the centerpiece of DALI's new monthly podcast BE THERE, which is hosted by editor and professional podcast host Andrew Harrison. BE THERE is about experiencing music as it should be heard! Like being there yourself.

The inspiration for each podcast is collected from the (also new) biannual DALI music magazine of the same name. We will release 4-6 podcasts for every music magazine released, which boils down to approximately one for every month of the year.

In each podcast, Andrew is joined by some of the music journalists that have contributed to the BE THERE magazine. Together they will immerse into different music genres, albums and interviews from the magazine.

Below you will find an overview of all of the BE THERE podcasts.


BE THERE Magazine

The BE THERE music magazine will be released twice a year in a 60 pages print edition, which will be distributed to our partners and loyal DALI customers. The content will be all about music - mixed with news about the latest products from DALI - but mainly music! 

If you want to know, what the magazine is all about, you can listen to the latest podcast below. And while your are at it, you can grab a free copy of our printed magazine by signing up via the link below. We will then send you the latest print edition to your doorstep.


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