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We are using cookies on our website. This gives us the possibility to do an ongoing optimization of the website based on your use and interests. A "cookie" is a data file, which our website stores locally on your computer. This way it recognizes your computer the next time you visit our site. The cookie file is passive and is not able to damage your computer in any way - nor install viruses or other destructive programs.

How to reject cookies

You can always choose not to accept the installation of cookies locally. You do that by changing the settings in your browser, but be aware that some services will be unavailable by doing so. These services presuppose that the website is allowed to remember your choices and behaviour.

The website uses cookies from Google Analytics to measure the traffic on the website. You can disable cookies by Google Analytics via this link.


Cookies used on this website

Name of Cookie 1st or 3rd party Cookie? If 3rd party: Who is setting it? Purpose of the Cookie? What data holds the Cookie? Is it a session or persistent Cookie? If persistent, how long is its lifespan?
Cookies 1st party Show/hide cookie banner Approvel string persistent 1 year
Comparelist 1st party Used to list selected products Product ID´s session  
_ ga 3rd party - Used to distinguish users different values session, persistent 2 years
_gat 3rd party - Used to distinguish users and sessions different values persitent 1 day