EPICON 2 - Convincing Danish sound performance

The German daily paper "Frankfurter Allegemeine" has made a great brief review of the EPICON 2.

The "Frankfurter Allegemeine" became acquainted with DALI through the discover of the beautiful FAZON F5, and the awareness of DALI as a brand became even stronger with the introduction of the EPICON series. 

The reviewer from "Frankfurter Allegemeine" was very enthusiastic with the sound performance from the EPICON 2: "Even the smallest EPICON 2's plays so amazingly and lets the natural tone out so beautiful that the listener might forget that it isn't a live performance." The small EPICON 2's works with each phrasing and any emotional modulation exactly as only excellent loudspeakers would do it.

With the review of the EPICON 2, the "Frankfurter Allegemeine" has found yet another reason to keep an eye on DALI activites.

The full review is available here.

DALI EPICON 2 walnut