EPICON 6: Downright Cheap

Phenomenal is one of the words, which Lite-Magazin.de uses about the EPICON 6 after testing it.

German Lite-Magazin.de has reviewed the DALI EPICON 6, which they call phenomenal.

According to the reviewer, the speaker performs at a high level; especially the transparency and spatiality are excellent. Furthermore, he estimates that the DALI EPICON is downright cheap when looking at its skill as well as the class it plays in. 

The loudspeaker “[…] sounds wonderfully relaxed and airy, the boxing sets no limits to the music,” he explains among others. And he adds that it has an “enormous dynamic capacity.”

The conclusion is that “listening to music at high volume levels is completely stress-free – and with this the DALI EPICON 6 manages to achieve the masterpiece of making music sound natural, even at high volumes.”

Read the full review in German here.