OPTICON 6: Fresh and dynamic

With nine out of ten points, the DALI OPTICON 6 secures a top placement in a review by ModernHifi.de.

The German hi-fi website has tested the OPTICON 6, which leaves them impressed. 

“The DALI OPTICON 6 sound is fresh and dynamic,” they say. And they continue by saying that the detailing is beautiful and the accents are accentuating, which enables the hybrid tweeter module to play to its fullest potential. The speakers “play with analytical precision, without appearing really cool,” they explain.

According ModernHifi.de, “Basses sound tight with dynamic impulses, but still leaves some pace up for the larger series. The additional driver also ensures a little more serenity in the sound, which does not change even at higher volumes.” And last but not least, they judge that “at all listening levels, the speakers always remain stable and preserve their naturalness.”

Read the full review in German here.