PHANTOM S 7.2.2: Powerful but balanced

The DALI PHANTOM S 7.2.2. Surround System impresses Area DVD after their close encounter with the system.

The German hi-fi website, Area DVD has tested a PHANTOM surround setup consisting of a pair of PHANTOM S-280 as the front speakers, a PHANTOM S-180 as the center speaker, a pair of PHANTOM S-80 as surround and back surround and a pair of PHANTOM E-80 for playback of 3D sound tracks in Dolby Atmos or DTS:X. Last but not least two DALI K-14 F subwoofers provide bass power.

After listening to ‘Terminator: Genesis’ with English Dolby Atmos sound, it became clear to the reviewers that not only the PHANTOM transducers do a great job, the two active DALI K-14 F subwoofers does as well. And they “push powerfully, but always remain on the precise side,” the reviewers say.

Especially the PHANTOM S-280’s attract much attention. Area DVD calls it appealing. “They are also very energetic in the bass range,” they explain. And “the front soundscape of the PHANTOM S-280’s and the PHANTOM S-180 proves to be homogeneous and spatially extremely dense” they add. Furthermore, they find that the PHANTOM S-80 in the back and the PHANTOM E-80 in the ceiling ensures “a precise staggering of all effects, and at the same time it opens an expansive room that creates a realistic listening experience.”

The reviewers emphasize that it pays off to make an exact tuning all of the PHANTOM in-wall to each other. In this setup the “transfer of effects takes place fluently and without influencing the tonality.” Furthermore, “between the S-180 front and the S-280, there are no acoustic ‘gaps’,” they explain. They continue by adding: “The transitions not only between the individual loudspeakers, but also between the high- and mid-tone ranges as well as between the midrange and bass range are almost perfect.”

Area DVD is impressed by this surround set because of its powerful yet extremely balanced playback. Their conclusion is that, in the truest sense of the word, the “DALI PHANTOM ensemble” clearly demonstrates how powerful modern in wall loudspeakers can be. The strong level and dynamic are perfectly matched and have a very high resolution and Area DVD’s reviewers give their warmest recommendation.

Read the full review in German here.