ALTECO C-1: A cheap entry into the world of 3D surround sound

A German hi-fi enthusiast is impressed after testing the ALTCO C-1 height system.

A user of the German hi-fi forum,, has tested the DALI ALTECO C-1 and shares his experience with it. In his view it has a clean sound, which is clearly reflected towards the ceiling, making it an enjoyable 3D sound experience that requires just a little effort. When watching ‘Mad Max – Fury Road’ it became clear what the height speakers are able to do. “The soundscape shifts significantly upwards and gains enormous space,” he explains. And he adds: “The whole movie is equipped with 3D sound effects, which are also well reproduced.”

The verdict of the DALI ALTECO C-1 is that it is a versatile speaker that is not too oversized in terms of dimensions. Furthermore, he highlights its high quality, which DALI is known for, as well as for its switch mode and that fact that it is easy to install.

Read the full review in German here.