CALLISTO 6 C: More than just an active speaker

CALLISTO 6 C receives five stars by Stereo magazine in a great review.

After testing the CALLISTO 6 C, the German hi-fi magazine Stereo says that though the speaker has a classic, almost conservative appearance, it is technically absolutely up-to-date.

“In the listening room, the Dane then showed itself as one would expect from a high-quality loudspeaker,” they say, and they elaborate that the speaker has “a very airy sound that extends beyond the basic width of the only slightly angled loudspeakers, a bass that played cleanly and unobtrusively, and a variety of timbres that did justice to the peculiarities of voices and instruments.”

In their view, the wireless speaker does not show any trace of discolorations. Furthermore, “the slim columns were very neutral, but not uninvolved in the played music,” they explain. They continue to describe how the CALLISTO 6 C makes “a very good figure with any kind of music.” It “lets the tones of its transients swing in and out, and provided joy in the music – even without cables.”

Their conclusion is that “DALI combines maximum comfort and top sound in just one device!”

Read the full review in Issue #19 2018 of Stereo, pp. 22-24, which you can find here.