The DALI FAZON reaps the full benefits of creative Scandinavian design talent, as well as decades of experience at the cutting edge of technological innovation. DALI FAZON combines advanced driver and material technologies developed for the acclaimed DALI IKON and MENTOR series.

The FAZON series is proof positive that, when done right, form and function can be allies. The fluid, organic lines of the die-cast aluminium enclosures are a perfect example. The distinctive styling and curved forms are much more than artistic whims. They also provide enhanced structural integrity, reduced vibration and no parallel surfaces - all key elements in the pure, musical tone of these masterful loudspeakers.


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The FAZON F5 wins the international EISA Award, "European Audio Design 2011-2012".

"...the FAZON F5 also benefits from DALI’s tried-and-tested wood-fibre cones and light silk dome tweeter."

EISA Award (EU)

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The FAZON MIKRO play fantastic according to the UK magazine, Hi-fi Choice, and leave you with more room for the wine selection or record collection.

"...the tiny drivers are so light that they machine-gun the music out at you with incredible fleetness of foot, making even the laziest of mid-west session drummers sound like Keith Moon after one too many cups of coffee.

Hi-Fi Choice (UK)

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The curvy DALI FAZON F5 receives a top score in the latest edition of the prestigious British hi-fi magazine WHAT HI-FI?

The impressive cabinets are a major factor in an articulate and unusually clean sounding midrange. Fans of great vocalists such as Frank Sinatra or Jill Scott are in for a treat.


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The FAZON SAT 5-1 system gets a very positive review in the German STEREOPLAY magazine.

"The FAZON is especially well-suited for multi-channel, but it also makes a good figure in stereo."

Stereoplay (DE)

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A very thorough, three-page review of the new DALI speakers praises their innovative style, brilliant qualities, and high-end potential.

The F5’s are transparent with a full-bodied sound but not too bright or overly revealing of poor source equipment.

Hi-Fi News (UK)

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The Austrian web-magazine Sempre Audio thoroughly tested DALI FAZON SAT with a very positive outcome.

"Clear and naturally reproduced voices, well proportioned and detailed instruments, and fine resolution details in the high register are conveyed fully and fast with accurate timing from the small satellite from DALI."

Sempre Audio (AT)

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AudioVideo2Day (NL) has nothing but good to say about the FAZON F5 with "killer looks and killer sound".

A realistic projection of the musical instrument envelops the room. What superb timing! Each pluck of a string sounds chillingly realistic.

AudioVideo2Day (NL)

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In the latest issue of German Heimkino (feb./mar. 2010), DALI's FAZON SAT 5.1 gets a good review and is labeled "Oberklasse".

"The perfect teamwork and the solid and precise bass reproduction creates a fascinating reverb and transform your living room acoustically into a room of true delight."

Heimkino (DE)

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The DALI FAZON F5 receives a great review in the German newspaper "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung".

"The FAZON F5 speakers place the acoustic event with almost photographic accuracy in a room – especially regarding to the scaling of the instruments and the depth of voices in the listening room."

Frankfurter Allegemeine (DE)

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Low-loss drivers made of low-mass paper cones with wood fibre reinforcement. The driver technology builts on the MENTOR and IKON series.


The FAZON series is based on a curved design that eliminates reflections and standing waves.


Build around the traditional ultra light soft dome tweeter and the well known wood fibre cone low-loss woofer, every speaker in the FAZON series is a master of audio reproduction.


Every speaker in the FAZON series has an intelligent terminal solution that is perfectly aligned with the user scenarios of the speaker.