EISA AWARDS 2019-2020

We're pleased to announce that the DALI OBERON series and the DALI KATCH ONE soundbar have received an EISA Award for Best Buy Home Theatre Speaker System and TV Sound System.

We're pleased to announce that we have just received two EISA Awards at this year's ceremony (2019-2020). The honour goes to our popular DALI OBERON series as well as the latest soundbar in our product range, the DALI KATCH ONE.

Quote from the jury in regards to the DALI OBERON series: "DALI’s OBERON range proves that combining stunning Scandinavian design with an engaging sound experience is a winning proposition." "Borrowing driver technologies (including DALI’s SMC magnet system) from its high-end EPICON and RUBICON series reaps rewards – with music or movies these speakers have a wide dispersion and a clear, balanced and convincing presentation. They look great, and sound even better..."

Quote from the jury regarding the DALI KATCH ONE: "this soundbar conjures a full-range performance with powerful but nuanced bass, wide stereo imaging and excellent dialogue/vocal clarity. It’s easy to use too, with DALI’s compact remote offering quick control over source and Wide/Focused EQ modes, or operation via a TV handset. This is an elegant, refined two-channel audio solution."

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