RUBICON 6: Review by Lite-Magazine (DE)

The German Lite-Magazine has tested RUBICON 6, and they define it as a pure pleasure.

With the DALI RUBICON 6, DALI has created an exclusive audio excellence.

The RUBICON 6 is a waist-high floor standing speaker that delivers an agile, naturally-airy and powerful bass experience. In spite of its impressive power, the RUBICON 6 retains a controlled performance. In addition, the outstanding wide sound dispersion will guarantee listening pleasure - also beyond your listening place. Thanks to the well-known DALI woofers and the innovative ribbon/soft dome hybrid tweeter module mastering the wide dispersion, the RUBICON 6 always delivers an excellent audio experience.

Sound: 88% 
Practice: 91% 
Features: 85%
Class: Top Class 
Price/Performance: Good


The full review is available in German here.