ZENSOR 5 AX: Review by WHAT HI-FI? (UK)

WHAT HI-FI? reviews the ZENSOR 5 AXs and awards them 5 stars!

The ZENSOR 5 AX are both brains and power “[…] delivering all the convenience of a one-box solution in something altogether more hi-fi.”

Here are some highlights from the review:

“They are unmistakably DALI. Fast, detailed and enthusiastic, they offer a bigger, better sound than any one-box solution at this price.”

“We settle back for further listening and continue to be impressed. It’s a clean, thoroughly accurate performance, with voices sounding warm, natural and filled with expression.”

“We liked the ZENSOR 5 AXs when we first heard them, but by end of our time with them we loved them.”


The full review is available here.


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