SPEKTOR 6: A well-performing all-around speaker

Dutch online hi-fi magazine, hifi.nl, think the DALI SPEKTOR 6 are top in their category.

In a recent review of the DALI SPEKTOR 6 by Dutch online hi-fi magazine, hifi.nl, the reviewer states that: “The DALI [SPEKTOR 6] is at the top in its category, and it's a purchase that you won't regret.” 

Review summary
Taking a first glance at the SPEKTOR 6, you immediately notice the very slim shape, great finish and quality craftsmanship. The sound profile of the SPEKTOR 6 is as appealing as its looks, and it delivers a beautiful midrange and powerful bass performance. And no matter which genre, “these speakers will chase you with pleasure and high volume.” The SPEKTOR 6 brings life into any kind of music, and this speaker does exactly what it promises; to deliver a relaxed, detailed and very musical sound performance.

The full review is available here (in Dutch).


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