OBERON 5: Applause Award

The OBERON 5 has received an Applause Award and a 5-star review from StereoNet.

Reviewer Mark Gusew from StereoNet, was impressed after testing the DALI OBERON 5. So impressed, in fact, that he awarded the OBERON 5 with 5 stars and an Applause Award.

After listening to the OBERON 5, Mark Gusew states, "despite the diminutive dimensions, it’s an engrossing performer with more body than you might expect for the size of the loudspeaker that it is. Its deep, well-extended bass gives a warm character that’s particularly pleasant to listen to – and pretty much defines the essence of this speaker. It has a capacious, spacious, unconstrained and expressive nature that made Neil Young’s Double E great fun." 

He continues saying, "DALI’s OBERON 5 is a little floorstander with a big sound. Slender and attractive, it combines decent build and some clever engineering to deliver a seriously enjoyable performance - – one that is full-bodied, musical, spacious and balanced."

Finally, Mark Gusew concludes: "The speaker plays any type of music well and delivers an enveloping sound that lets you play for hours without fatigue. Superb value for money, it is thoroughly deserving of StereoNET’s coveted Applause Award."

You can read the full review on stereonet.co.uk